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"I empower my clients with questions, strategies and tools to help them create a business and lifestyle they love, and that which gives them total financial and personal freedom"


Hi! I am Pratima, a Business Success Coach for solo entrepreneurs, a writer, seeker, dreamer and a Personal Transformation Catalyst. I am thrilled you are here and maybe we share similar interests – to create a life and business you love!

I love C R E A T I O N - in all forms!! Whether it’s creating a new a dish, a new piece of art, a relationship, money or something as big as a global six figure business. Creation is fun for me and it gets all my molecules buzzing, fills me with total enthusiasm and gives me the space to be ME! I am grateful that I’ve been able to create a lifestyle and a business where I can travel the world, work from exotic locations, have total location independence and grow my business, create money and also contribute to changing people’s lives.

But I didn’t have all of this from the very beginning. 6 years ago I was stuck in a corporate office – in a supposedly 9 to 6 job where I worked at least 14 hrs a day. I had a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and earned a hefty pay package but the fun and joy elements were missing from my work!

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Vulnerability as the Road to Change

In this book, the power and strength of vulnerability emerges as a new reality. What if everything you were told and have known about vulnerability is a lie? What if vulnerability is all about courage, creation, strength and potency? Now is the time to bust the myths and misconceptions around vulnerability and choose the path that leads us to finding and expressing who we really are. With a foreword by Dr. Dain Heer, co-creator of Access Consciousness, this book shares insight into how you can become more of you.

  • How can you use vulnerability as your strength and not a weakness?
  • How can being vulnerable help you create deeper and better relationships, grow your business, increase your money flows and make your life successful, fun, easy and joyful?
  • Explore what being Authentic means. When you choose to show up in the world as the real you, it transforms your life! What does it take to be your real, raw, true self?
  • Are you ready to come out of hiding and have the courage to step up, share your voice and present your real authentic self to this world?

Would you like some tools, techniques, clearings, exercises and inspiration to create this? Explore the 30 day vulnerability challenge in my book or join my FREE 8 part video course -> CLICK HERE