Talk to the entities


Have you always been aware that there is a world that exists beyond this physical dimension ? Do you desire to become more aware and present with energies and communications from those on the other side? Then this is a class for you to explore! Here is a video by me explaining what this class is all about!


Talk to the Entities Introduction is a great way to get your feet wet with Talk to the Entities and begin to see the breath and depth of this work. It is about introducing people to an easier and more enjoyable world and possibility with the entities/ spirit world. Taking this subject from creepy, unknown and scary into matter of fact, clear and applicable tools that can benefit every one. And also learn how these spirits can be a huge contribution to our lives! Entities are a huge part of our lives, whether you realize it or not. We are all entities and one day our bodies will pass and we will go onto choose, choose and choose. Wouldn't it be nice to do it consciously?

Introductions have NO PREREQUISITES and are open to any one with an interest. IT IS FREE IF YOU ARE ATTENDING 2 DAY BEGINNERS CLASS


This is a 2 day class, 5 hours each day. This is a unique opportunity to develop and build your abilities and capacities with the spirit world evolving into an infinite spectrum of awareness and information you can use to facilitate not only yourself but also others with greater ease. Many people are made wrong and driven to varying levels of angst, depression and in severe cases insanity by their un-acknowledged capacities with the spirit world. If you are one of these people or know someone who is then Talk to the entities is for you.
Subjects covered in this series will be:
  • Fear of entities
  • Getting rid of the crap.
  • What do you know that you are pretending not to know and denying that you know?
  • All the information you were told about entities, spirits and ghosts that is not true.
  • Everything you should have been told about entities, spirits and ghosts that you never were.
  • What talking with entities can look like and mean.
  • Acknowledging what you are aware of.
  • Your team mates.
  • Changing your perspective.
  • And much, much more......
Duration: 10.00am to 5.30pm (on both days)
Fee: 1000USD (half price if repeating within 12 months)
Pre-requisite: Access Bars class

Join Pratima Nagaraj, a Certified TTTE Facilitator and an Access Consciousness facilitator, for the Talk to the Entities 2 day Beginners Live Class where you will learn how to develop your own psychic awareness and change the way you see the spirit world. Pratima leads highly energetic, informative classes using the tools and processes of Access ConsciousnessĀ® to assist others in gaining greater clarity with the magic and ease the spirit world can truly be.
Here is a fun hangout with me and fellow TTTE facilitators about the class!