Symphony Sessions



The Symphony Sessions are about energetic empowerment and change and it can invite you open up to LIVING in a completely different way. Every person has a unique capacity with receiving and gifting energies and an SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) session allows you to start to truly access what is true for you and your body — beyond everything that you bought as real in this reality. These sessions are based on the tools of Access Consciousness and the energetic transformation work created by Dr Dain Heer.

Symphony sessions are pure magic.  They work on the energy you are building and creating your life with – shifting what needs to be shifted, dissipating the energy that is no longer serving you and strengthening the energy that is.  People report massive changes from sessions. Reports vary widely ranging from a more relaxed body, more awareness of themselves, more awareness of what they would like to create and more space to change things they never thought they could.

​These sessions are done in person or long distance while you lie down and relax.  I tap into, communicate with and start to shift the energy from that relaxed state along with you and the energies of the universe, co-creating the session with you. That’s why it’s a symphony!


            ~ If you know you are magic and you want to start walking around being that magic, then this session is for you! ~


These sessions can be done in person or distantly on phone/skype