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December 3, 2016
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December 3, 2016
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Creating Conscious Relationships – Combo Package



Consciousness Expansion Exercise (Meditation) + Clearing Session

Did you know that 95% of the people would rather have a bad relationship than no relationship at all?
Are you among that 95% or are you aware that there is something far greater possible with relationships?
Are you willing to create a conscious relationship that works for you whether it is with your partner, friends, co-workers, family, business, money or your body?
In this clearing session we will release the judgments, conclusions, beliefs and fixed points of views you have about creating relationships and learn tools and techniques to attract joyful, generative and expansive relationships into your life that truly work for you.

The more you listen to this MP3 the more layers are cleared and deeper it goes. It can also be played while you sleep.

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