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December 3, 2016
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Clearing Blocks to Receiving – Combo Package



Consciousness Expansion Exercise (Meditation) + Clearing Session

What would it be like if you could receive from every single molecule of the universe?
How much are you actually receiving currently in your life?
How many judgments and conclusions are you using to ignore, refuse and block what the universe is trying to gift you? A lot,right?

What if you could clear all of this? Would your life be different then? Imagine living as if everything you ask for shows up with ease. You have no problems. You enjoy the ease of flow and being all of you. You trust you. You trust that the Universe is supporting you always.

On this planet, we focus mostly on “doing” and not being or “receiving”. We are taught while growing up that we should always do something in order to get what we want and forget completely about being willing to receive it.

Anytime you have a judgement or a fixed belief or point of view, you build an invisible wall all around you that prevents you from receiving all of it! When you break all these walls of judgments and beliefs, it is like opening up flood gates and you begin to receiving everything that you have been asking for whether it is money, relationships, job, career, good health or more!

In this clearing session we explore all these areas of blocks and do clearings to release these blocks and follow it up with a consciousness expansion exercise/meditation to open you up to infinite receiving. Are you willing to have this for YOU?

The more you listen to this MP3 the more layers are cleared and deeper it goes. It can also be played while you sleep.

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