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December 3, 2016
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5 Keys to Creating Big Classes



Are you a healer, coach, therapist, facilitator or a change agent?

Have you been struggling to fill your classes/workshops?

Have you always desired to create bigger events?

Do you desire to explode your business in 2016 and increase your money flows?

Join this online class to know the top 5 keys I’ve used in the past few years to create classes with 40 to 60 participants each and more!

“When I started my business as a change agent, I always struggled to create big classes/workshops. I wanted to, but it never showed up in this reality. I’ve got frustrated, judged myself, got tired of trying and doing different things and it wasn’t fun at all. After a couple of years of going through this, I started being a different energy and space. I got out of the “need” to create classes and shifted into desire, without any expectations attached. I used a lot of tools to change this and over the past 1 year, I’ve been able to create classes consistently with 40, 50 and even 60 participants and all of this easily and effortlessly, with lots of fun and joy. Many people asked me how I do this and this webinar is my attempt to share these tools with you, that worked for me”

I look forward to creating with you and contributing to the growth of your business! If this sounds like fun, here is an invitation to join me on this adventurous ride!”

~Pratima Nagaraj


“I attended this class with the wonderful facilitator Pratima Nagaraj barely a week back. She shared these wonderful tools to create bigger classes effortlessly . I have to share the magic of what showed up for me. I created an online class and I applied all the wonderful tools with awareness and WOW !!! I had a class filling up with people from gurgaon , delhi , Dehra dun , Bangalore and London !! It turned into a class size of  20+ which I always wanted but could never create !!
Thank you Pratima. You are indeed wonderful. People !!! This is a class you don’t want to miss!”
In gratitude
Chandana Bawa

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