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December 3, 2016
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December 3, 2016
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30 day Vulnerability Challenge


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This is a Do It Yourself 30 day vulnerability challenge, to explore the power and strength of vulnerability, to be more of you, more authentic, be seen and heard in the world and let go of any judgments you have of yourself and fall in love with YOU!

This product includes:
1. PDF with 30 daily prompts
2. 4×75 minute audio MP3 to go deeper and explore vulnerability with Q&A included

Call 1

  • What is vulnerability?
  • How the definitions of vulnerability limit us?
  • Need v/s desire with vulnerability
  • How you can use vulnerability as an irresistible invitation in relationships
  • What stops you from being vulnerable?
  • All about barriers
  • How we pick up on other people’s barriers and how they limit us
  • What can choosing to be vulnerable create in your life?
  • How vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness

Call 2

  • Vulnerability with money
  • Vulnerability with Body
  • Acknowledgment as a tool for change
  • Being vulnerable with you
  • Receiving judgments and being the difference you are
  • Being an irresistible invitation
  • Acoustic vs elecrtric vibrations
  • How vulnerability is your greateset source of protection
  • How to deal with people who judge you
  • How to use other people’s judgments to your advantage
  • Mimicking other people’s barriers
  • How everything around you can be a gift
  • How to receive from good and bad, positive and negative things

Call 3

  • Go in depth about what are barriers
  • How to not go into defense when someone attacks you with judgments
  • Receiving the energy of sexualness and how it is related to vulnerability
  • Sexualness and creation
  • Different elements of sex and sexuality
  • How vulnerability is your best insurance and protection
  • How you do equalization of your reality with others . Make your reality like others
  • Vulnerability as the source of creation
  • How to handle rejection
  • Vulnerability with Writing
  • How you being vulnerable can change others around you

Call 4

  • Going beyond discomfort, helplessness and anger
  • How to handle increasing awareness
  • Vulnerability with your business and clients
  • How to be more in allowance
  • Creating your future from the space of vulnerability
  • Being seen and heard, showing up in the world
  • Being your authentic self
  • Receiving awareness from everything
  • Celebrating being YOU!
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