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Are you a struggling entrepreneur?
Do you find it challenging to attract your ideal clients?
Are you working too hard and too long to make very little profits?
Are you confused about what actions to take to skyrocket your profits?


Are ready to build a powerful business and double your profits?
Are you ready to do sales and marketing like a PRO and enjoy it?
Are you ready to take exact steps that will bring you more clients, revenues & profits?
Are you ready to have more financial freedom and a dream business & lifestyle?


Expand your business + Establish your brand + Increase your profits




(STARTS 18th Jan’ 2017)

this is a step-by-step platinum coaching program that I have designed to take you from a struggling entrepreneur making $0 to doubling your profits and eventually skyrocketing it to 6 figures!

Use my proven ROADMAP to success that will give you the following shifts with your business, marketing and profits.

  • Step by step roadmap to skyrocket your revenues and profits from $0 to $100k
  • Changing your mindset and having the tools to be in energetic alignment with business and money so you can actually manifest these results easily
  • Tools, techniques, strategies, blueprints that will bring you money and your ideal clients consistently
  • Do sales and marketing effectively, without having a team and without being salesy and pushy and actually enjoy it!
  • Financial freedom and location independent lifestyle and business that you can run globally by being anywhere in the world.
  • Establish your brand – Turn yourself into a credible, trustworthy brand with authenticity and vulnerability that your clients would love to work with
  • Leverage social media, videos, emails and other platforms as a wildly effective marketing tool, to connect with your clients and grow your business
  • Take your online business to the next level
  • Create digital products, webinars, teleclasses, live workshops and events easily
  • Create a solid, robust foundation for your business that is scalable and can be expanded globally

“Pratima provided me some very effective tools which helped me get over the blocks I had to creating my business and expanding it…I am grateful to Pratima for everything she has done to contribute to making my business easy and fun..”
Rattan Deep Singh – Access Consciousness Cert.Facilitator, 3 Day Body Facilitator and Life Coach


Here is what you will get in this program…


  • 8 live video modules with me spread over 16 weeks to give you all the tools required to implement your roadmap to profit mastery (Over ZOOM)
  • 8 audio and video recordings of all the modules


  • 8 live Q & A sessions with me after each learning module to help you with your implementation and get you unstuck
  • 8 audio and video recordings of all the Q & A sessions


  • A mastermind group of fabulous like-minded entrepreneurs for you to stay focussed, have fun and learn from each other
  • An exclusive private facebook group for extra support, motivation and interaction with me
  • Special bonus Facebook livestreams with me in the exclusive private FB group
  • Have your own accountability/mastermind partner (buddy) for 4 months to help you stay accountable to achieving your goals

 “Pratima provides this space of total allowance and non-judgment to share my ideas and is very supportive… one of the breakthroughs I got from our coaching sessions is to go from having 3 revenue streams to 12 and it is still increasing every month!!!!! Now I don’t have to focus on just one stream for my business income…I love how professional she is and she has changed my life and grateful for her. Thank you Pratima! What contribution can she be to you?”
Stacy Ho – Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Hong Kong




Here is a brief summary of the course contents…
​(Starts 18th Jan, 2017)


Shift your mindset, Align energetically & Get out of your own way​

  1. Energetic alignment – Why are you doing this business?
  2. Getting out of your own way and stopping self sabotage
  3. Claim your self worth and discover your talents
  4. Taking action and doing whatever it takes to create a successful business
  5. Remove blocks to receiving money, have more ease with getting paid
  6. Communication with your business
  7. Trusting you and your business
  8. Energy flows to help create your business

Creating YOU as a brand

  • What is personal branding?
  • How to create YOU as a brand?
  • How to bring Vulnerability and Authenticity in your branding
  • Your core message and finding your target market/ideal clients
  • Why personal branding is important for expanding your business and increaing your profits
  • Getting clear about your ideal clients/target audience  (BONUS: My ideal client worksheet/template)


Revenue Generation

  • Discovering your unique talents/capacities
  • Creating new revenue streams & immediate cash injection strategies
  • Quick and easy ideas to generate money flows for your business
  • How to find and attract the people and resources you need
  • BONUS: My revenue tracking worksheet/template



Kick-ass Content Creation

  • Creating irresistible products/services/offers (checklist for high converting offers)
  • Creating premium coaching packages
  • Facilitating discovering sessions to enroll clients for premium coaching
  • Creating a business model and sales funnel that excites you
  • Creating digital products to generate passive income



Profit Mastery

  • How to not get lost in revenue generation and instead focus on creating profits
  • Unique profit first strategy
  • BONUS: My ready to use profit generation worksheet/template
  • Creating clear financial targets for your business
  • How to price your products and services and being energetically congruent with it
  • Changing your mindset about debt and expenses. (Debt and expense tracking spreadsheet)



Sales & Marketing done different

  • Being vibrationally/energetically aligned with the marketing you do
  • Being YOU when doing sales and marketing – how to be authentic and vulnerable
  • How to not be salesy and pushy but instead be an invitation for people to choose you and your products/services
  • How to do marketing via emails and social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Youtube/Linkedin)
  • How to sell confidently
  • Effective content/copy writing for sales pages/websites/social media profiles etc


Online Marketing, Communication & Advertising

  • Basics of Website creation
  • Basics of Email list building and sales funnel creation
  • How to create optin pages/squeeze pages
  • Your Social media presence & communication – facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, youtube
  • Video Marketing – how to create amazing and inspirational videos
  • Networking events
  • Using Meetup groups
  • Advertising in your city


Creating your products & services – online/live workshops & seminars

  • How to create teleclasses/webinars for global audience
  • How to create live workshops/events
  • How to fill these online and live seminars/workshops
  • How to title and structure your workshops
  • How to price and package them for maximum conversion
  • How to setup your business infrastructure to support this – resources required (payment systems, webinar platforms, zoom, instant teleseminar, timeanddate, settinng up appointmentts via timetrade/calendly etc etc)



Your investment to skyrocketing your profits…

SPECIAL OFFER … for this launch ONLY, 20% off!!

One time payment – SAVE $1000

 Easy payment plan – 4 monthly payments of $1200 each. You will get access to each month’s modules after the payment is complete

**Note: All prices are in USD

“I was a coach myself to others but there was a phase where I required another coach to work with me and coach me and help me expand my business and myself. That’s when I approached Pratima. There’s a lot of shift and change with the way I work and the energy of my business….”
Deepa Ramaraj, Access Consciousness Cert. Facilitator 
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If you are a quick action taker like me, who loves to invest in you and your business and do whatever it takes to create the profit you desire, then here is a special bonus for you!


Additional $500 off course fee
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1 x 45 min Private Business Strategy Sessions (To be used before Jun 1st 2017) worth $1000

​30 day Receiving Challenge Class (Audio) – to help you expand your receiving with money and your business worth $227

30 day Vulnerability Challenge Class (Audio) –  to help you add authenticity & vulnerability to your brand & business worth $2