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We all have heard of this phrase “There is nothing permanent except change” and also understand that change means getting out of our comfort zone. Yet how many of us actually welcome change in our lives? How many of us look forward to getting out of the cozy comfort zones we create in relationships, business, career, finances and more? Recently I read in a newsletter by Dr.Dain Heer, the co-creator of Access Consciousness, that every change we make in our lives leads to something better. So what if we realize that the uncomfortableness we feel in a situation is the Universe’s way of getting us to look at the fact that something has to change? Change is the transition from living a life of less possibilities to living a life of more possibilities where things are actually transitioning from lessor to greater.

There have been many instances in the last few months where I have chosen things that usually make me feel uncomfortable and it has created far greater things in my life, something I never imagined. So what if you choose more of uncomfortableness in your life? Would that be an invitation to a greater possibility? However when you make these choices you should be aware of any conclusions or judgements that you have about bringing these changes which can limit your possibilities to a large extent! One such conclusion could be deciding how your life should look like with these changes rather than allowing it to be whatever it has to be. You can always connect the dots looking back!

So what actually happens if you get into your cosy comfort zone? Firstly, comfort zone is a place where you find yourself in a predictable routine and a familiar pattern which feels nice, safe and secure. When you try to expand your life beyond your comfort point, you subconsciously self-sabotage so that you fall back to what’s comfortable for you. For example, if your comfort zone is to earn $100,000 every year and you notice that by mid-year you have already earned $80,000 and your mind is now aware that you will attract more income this year, so with the belief systems you have you may end up self-sabotaging your work so that you do not earn that extra income. The same principle applies to all areas of life be it relationships, career, business, health or money!

It is said that “You cannot step into the same river twice” because the earth, sky, wind, water and you are constantly changing. So when change is inevitable why not see the rightness of the change and embrace it and love it? Mind is usually comfortable with the known and is afraid of change as it an unknown, so it goes into a self-destructive mode when the status quo is challenged. What if you could be aware of this NOW and look at change as a source of creation, push yourselves out of your comfort zones to start creating and generating your future the way YOU TRULY desire?!

Signing off with this quote that I love!

“If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness”. ~Les Brown

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