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“I empower my clients with questions, strategies and tools to help them create a business and lifestyle they love, and that which gives them total financial and personal freedom”

Hi! I am Pratima, a Business Success Coach for solo entrepreneurs, a writer, seeker, dreamer and a Personal Transformation Catalyst. I am thrilled you are here and maybe we share similar interests – to create a life and business you love!

I love C R E A T I O N – in all forms!! Whether it’s creating a new a dish, a new piece of art, a relationship, money or something as big as a global six figure business. Creation is fun for me and it gets all my molecules buzzing, fills me with total enthusiasm and gives me the space to be ME! I am grateful that I’ve been able to create a lifestyle and a business where I can travel the world, work from exotic locations, have total location independence and grow my business, create money and also contribute to changing people’s lives.

But I didn’t have all of this from the very beginning. 6 years ago I was stuck in a corporate office – in a supposedly 9 to 6 job where I worked at least 14 hrs a day. I had a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and earned a hefty pay package but the fun and joy elements were missing from my work!

“Instead of worrying about what’s not working, shift your energy to what you CAN create”

When I quit my very successful corporate career, and had to set up my own business in Singapore where I had just moved after marriage and didn’t know anybody, it wasn’t easy. I was making zero income when I started. I had no clue where to go and what to do and how to do it all. After a couple of years I started generating revenue but I still didn’t make enough money which I knew was possible. I kept getting frustrated and I thought I had all the systems in place but something was just not working. I had to change my mindset and the energy of my business and commit to my life. Finally things started to shift and I made my first $100,000 USD the next year.

Over these few years of my journey of getting my business from $0 to $200,000+, I’ve used my own awareness, the amazing tools of Access Consciousness® and worked with several top-level coaches and mentors in this industry to learn what it takes to create a solid foundation for my business which can continue generating passive income, while I get time and freedom to live a lifestyle I truly desire! It feels like I finally cracked the successful entrepreneur code!

 “For the past 6 years I have walked this exciting path of Entrepreneurship”

Because I’ve been able to create a life and business like this, which is way beyond what I could even dream of, I know it’s possible for YOU too! Just choose.

One thing I love about my business is that it gives me the opportunity to work with amazing, beautiful and talented people from all around the globe. I continue to evolve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as I work with each client every day and with every workshop that I teach and every single private session brings in immense amount of learning into my life personally! How did I get so lucky to contribute to changing the world and spreading the consciousness while I discover myself and become more of ME?!

“Living a creative life requires you to be vulnerable and not judge you!”

Creating Businesses is my passion and when I’m not doing that, I am creating other things. I love spending time with myself – I love my quiet space. I spend most of my creative time writing, reading, painting, playing with charcoal drawings, doodling, doing yoga, belly dancing or learning new languages! I am also an outdoorsy person. I absolutely love traveling!! Travelled to over 100+ cities in the past 6 years and it fills me with joy and I get to access more of myself through travels. All of these give me the creative boost which gets carried over to my business! Every little thing you do to express your creative energy, contributes to your life and your business in unimaginable ways!


Thank you for stopping by! I hope to see you in person some day!

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I would like to invite you to know what you know and be the gift and magic that you truly are!! 

What would it take for you to choose more for YOU today?

Be the gift and miracle that you are!!



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Pratima Nagaraj is a bestselling author, business coach, hypnotherapist, personal transformational specialist and an internationally known facilitator with the dynamic body of energy transformational work called Access Consciousness®. She is a lifestyle entrepreneur with a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Indian School of Business. She offers business coaching to solo entrepreneurs and small business owners. She also travels the world facilitating personal development workshops and sessions that truly empower people to shift and transform any area of their life that’s not working for them, so they may create a life they truly desire.